Whether you want to relax, catch some rays, swim, play beach games, or look for extra fun and adventure, Amwaj Al Bahar Boat and Yachts chartering has something for everyone, including many beach and water sports activities for the whole family. 


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Fly Fish is the one of marine sport activity in bali, by riding a flat rubber boat which is pulled by a speed boat. It flies to dash

against the wind sweeping that it real fly on the seawater. It is a great
adventure by flying like fish jumping on the seawater with high boat speed. You will enjoy the attractive adventure like Fly Fish.

Experience the rush of touring the sights and sounds of the lush tropical low country bay with sun on your face and the breeze blowing through your hair at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour! Get on a jet ski today with your family and friends for an unforgettable sun and splash laden run on the waters

Jet Ski

Kayaking is a great way to leisurely cruise the waters and also a great outdoor upper body workout.

kayaking is fun for beginners or experts and a great way of balanced fitness for the whole family!

With no instructions or training necessary other than to hold on tight, just hop on and go!

wear a life jacket and get ready for the splash! Donut rides

are great for adults and children alike as everyone loves the rush of wave jumping coupled with fabulous views of ghantoot Beach skyline.


Mix up your fun with a banana ride! Grab your friends and family, strap on your life jackets and get ready to smile, laugh and enjoy the wave-splashing adventure!! With no instructions or training necessary other than to hold on tight, just hop on and go!

Banana Ride

Donut Ride

Surrounded by the sea, Dubai is a wonderful place for water sports. 

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Parasailing is an exciting experience especially in Dubai, you
are towed behind a boat while attached with a specially designed parachute in the air, You lift up in to the air slowly when boat drives off. The parasailing in Dubai is just a recreational ride and it has nothing to do with the original Paragliding sport.